2015 Campbell Award

I think this is probably my final ranking.  English will be #1 and not rank anything else, including No Award. She can write. The others write well enough but mostly not about anything interesting. There’s also not enough in the packet to go on for Nelson or Raymond and I passed on Chu last year and I probably won’t read his Death of Tao any time soon, if ever.

  1. Kary English
    Reading the short stories in the packet and Kary English is a very good writer.  Skimmed Total (already read it) and it still fades for me at the end. Very much enjoyed Departure Gate 34B and I enjoyed Flight of the Kikayon as well. So, is she a rabid right-winger, married to one, or did the Puppies slip and accidentally nominate someone with talent? If they found one writer talent why couldn’t they find more?
  • Wesley Chu
    I read Lives of Tao last year and gave it 3 stars. It was okay but didn’t leave me with any desire to read further in the series. I probably will eventually, but I’m in no rush.
  • Jason Cordova
    Not impressed with Hill 142. About 23% through Murder World and while it’s decent stuff there’s nothing in it that hasn’t been done before. I’m ready to punt but I am curious as why “kaiju” is in the name? Are there giant monsters on Murder World? Is Murder World the dumbest planetary name ever? I know it’s just a nickname for Gorgon IV but still. The best thing about Murder World is that it reminded me of Death World which I’d love to re-read except I’m afraid that it wouldn’t be as good as it was 30-ish years ago. (Fuck, I’m old.) I have yet to read anything from my teens that holds up and it’s such a disappointment. Better to let them stand as fond memories. But I’d really like to read them again.
  • Rolf Nelson
    Shakedown Cruise was decent MilSF but not enough to go on. Also, MilSF is boring. It’s been done… to death even.
  • Eric S. Raymond
    Read Sucker Punch and Battlefield Lasers from Riding the Red Horse. Good stuff but not enough for the Campbell.

PS. Did anyone else wonder if Riding the Red Horse was about menstruation? Anyone else think that would probably be more interesting than more fucking MilSF?

PPS. I’m actually not that opposed to MilSF and used to read, and enjoy, a lot of it when I was younger. With age I’ve decided that violence isn’t nearly as cool as I used to think it was. Also, MilSF is heavily cliched. If the Pups had put up some MilSF with some originality I’d be less irritated with them.

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