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Get Rich Slowly

Get Rich Slowly


Interesting.  Wordpress inserted previews for other links but not this one.  I wonder what the difference is.

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The “News”

I would agree with most of this but I wouldn't say to ignore the news completely, rather take in a broad but shallow stream.  Lots of sources but all you really want is the headlines to give you a general idea of what's going on, maybe read one or two articles, but don't wallow in the shit that has become global politics.  Also, buy a gun and a


Should We Avoid the News?

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Why Humanity Destroyed Itself

I'm currently reading The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt where he uses the metaphor of  the elephant and the rider.  The elephant is instinct, the rider is consciousness.  He talks a lot in the early section about how the rider often spends it's time justifying and excusing the snap decisions made by the elephant. I completely agree that this is what happens and even that it might be part of why consciousness evolved but he seems to argue that this is right and proper and I completely disagree with that.

The elephant is instinct.  It's a super fast pattern matching machine that's purpose built for for making snap decisions on limited information.  On the African savannah that was probably a really good thing. In the modern world it's a recipe for global destruction.  The elephant is always going to make that snap decision, that's it's job, and the rider is always going to feel an impulse to back up the elephant, but that's what a clever animal would do.  A human would feel that impulse, then set it aside and examine the elephant's decision, perhaps do a little research, and take a serious look at whether the elephant's choice, made in a second without benefit of logic or reasoning, was really the best decision for the modern world.

Haidt says that research shows that education doesn't improve the ability of the rider to control the elephant but I don't think the kind of education we do is likely to. I think that to control the elephant, or rather, to disregard the elephant, the education would need to be aimed at that specific skill. I think meditation might be part of that training.  My limited experience with meditation is that's all about disregarding your impulses.  Observing them but not getting caught up in them.  That seems exactly like the training you'd need to disregard the elephant.


BBC News – Cern re-creating first web page to revere early ideals

At the heart of the original web is technology to decentralise control and make access to information freely available to all. It is this architecture that seems to imbue those that work with the web with a culture of free expression, a belief in universal access and a tendency toward decentralising information.

via BBC News - Cern re-creating first web page to revere early ideals.

I think that today's web of wall-gardens that don't let you share (just try getting anything OUT of Facebook) are a step in a horribly wrong direction.



I was stunned by the last graphic

I knew the "what American's think" was kind pretty optimistic but it wasn't until he went to the line of 100 people that I understood how horribly wrong it was.

This is one of my problems with Republicans; they seem to fully support this and  favor the rich getting even more wealth because they're "job creators".  The term they want is "wealth hoarders".


PS. I don't believe the Democrats are much better but at least they give lip service to working for the average American where the Republicans clearly don't give a shit.


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I agree – The U.S. Economic Policy Debate Is a Sham

The IGM Forum has some really interesting stuff. Below each poll you can look through the responses from each economist and see where they included links, etc.


The U.S. Economic Policy Debate Is a Sham - Bloomberg.

Watching Democrats and Republicans hash out their differences in the public arena, it’s easy to get the impression that there’s a deep disagreement among reasonable people about how to manage the U.S. economy.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In reality, there’s remarkable consensus among mainstream economists, including those from the left and right, on most major macroeconomic issues. The debate in Washington about economic policy is phony. It’s manufactured. And it’s entirely political.


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John Scalzi: Why I Don’t Just Admit I Am A Democrat

Why I Don’t Just Admit I Am A Democrat

I think my political views are pretty similar to Scalzi's.  I frakking hate the current Republican party as they seem completely willing to drive the country off the cliff if they don't get their way.

If they'd return to sanity I might be willing to vote for some of them as I'm not a big fan of the Democrats.


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Petition the U.S. Government to Force the TSA to Follow the Law

Schneier on Security - Petition the U.S. Government to Force the TSA to Follow the Law.


Please proceed to petitions.whitehouse.gov and sign the petition to require that the TSA follow the law.

Pretty please.

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Tom Ehrich asks if we really live like Christians


What he said.

Note: I should add that I'm an atheist but every time I read about Jesus I seem to get the same message Tom did while most "Christians" seem to get the message that God is on their side so they can do whatever they want.

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