Dave's Blog I'm really sleepy…


I am...

  • an Atheist/Agnotic/Pastafarian/Taoist
    • In order from least important to most important
    • In order from what I'm best at to what I'm worst at
  • a romantic cynic (or a cynical romantic, depending on the day)
    • I really want to believe people can be better, but then I meet the people.
  • trying to remember my Taoist mantra...
    • shit happens
    • sometimes it's good shit, sometimes it's bad shit
    • make the best of it and keep moving
  • trying to remember that "this too shall pass"
    • so I should ...
      • pay attention and really enjoy the good shit cause it won't last
      • not get too caught up in the bad shit cause it won't last

The blog is my place to make comments on things I feel like commenting on.

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