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What's the Economy For, Anyway?

2012-07-08: Start date is probably late as I was very turned off by the use of liberal buzzwords in the intro and set it aside for a bit. I think i”m on chapter two and I like the book. Despite the buzzwords that annoyed me the book seems pretty neutral though the authors aren’t hiding their leanings.

I do think the title question is extremely relevant today. The conservative answer seems to be “making the rich, richer” and that’s not acceptable. The liberal answer is probably “helping the poor” and that’s fine as long as the poor are also willing to help themselves. My answer would be something like “providing a good living for as many people as possible” with a strong emphasis on “good” where good is a quality of life assessment, not an income number.

Dead: The Ugly Begining

2012-07-08: I’m about half way through this, it’ very good but I’m not sure where it’s going. It’s vignettes of different characters, some of whom need to be fed slowly into a wood chipper, and it skips forward rather than being a constant narrative. In similar to World War Z but much more up-close-and-personal rather than the documentary feel of WWZ.

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