Joe Satriani at the Atlanta Symphony Hall

My first concert last night, Joe Satriani at the Atlanta Symphony Hall.  As is usual for me I waffled a lot on whether to go but in the end I thought I’d really regret if I didn’t.  KW went with me but was bored as she’s not into instrumental music.

Opener was the Steve Morse Band.  Good stuff and one song sounded like it might have been Dixie Dregs material.  I would have enjoyed a bit more of that.

I enjoyed the show though I thought they needed to make some sound adjustments as the bass & drum were so loud I couldn’t hear Satriani at times.  Could have been me though as I was down one hearing aid so removed the other one as it was making no difference by itself.  As stated, I enjoyed myself but couldn’t really get into it. Part of my issue was that I knew KW was bored, part was that I wasn’t hearing the lead guitar very well.  I’ll certainly give it another go when he comes to town next, assuming I have both HAs available.

Joe Satriani band line-up: Mike KeneallyMarco Minnemann and Bryan Beller.  It turns out that they’ve played together as KMB so I’ll have to look them up as they were all quite good.

Joe certainly seemed to be enjoying himself as was the band. Marco did an awesome drum solo at one point and Bryan had repeated short sessions of bassy goodness.  I think Mike was playing an awesome guitar but as mentioned I wasn’t really hearing the high end.


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