Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie

Ancillary Justice     Ann Leckie     2014-06-22    DNF    DNF

2014-07-08: Burn out and exhausting weekend road trip so not much reading lately.

2014-06-26: Slow going as I’m alternating books and I took a reading break for day or two. This book started out interesting, then kind of lost me on the flashback, then came back to the “present” and then got interesting what with the mysterious person that the ancillary is trying to find because of a mysterious object that person has. I’m intrigued enough to go a few more chapters but the only thing I’m certain of at the moment is that I don’t like the Raadch.

2014-06-30: I’m suffering Hugo-related reading burnout AND this book really isn’t doing anything for me. It’s okay but I’m not really caring for the back and forth of two stories, one of which is really an extended flashback.

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