The Human Division by John Scalzi

Title by Author: The Human Division (Omnibus) by John Scalzi

2014-09-07 / 2014-09-14

Rating: 4.5

2014-09-12: Enjoying this very much. I like the serial format, with very different “chapters” that still move the overall story ahead.

2014-09-15: That was good stuff. The serial format really worked for me. I loved that the stories were so different but all pointed to the one central story line. I hated that the central story line didn’t get resolved. I guess that leaves him room for more books though. The one issue I have is that many of the characters speak in Scalzi’s voice.  I might not notice this if I didn’t read his blog but I notice that a lot of the characters (Harry, Hart, Danielle, even Abumwe to an extent) sound a lot like his blog posts. They have that same kind of snarky, sarcastic style that I enjoy so much, possibly because it’s similar to my own style, but when so many characters have a similar voice it becomes noticeable. I found it slightly jarring when even the aliens were being snarky.  That worked in a book like Year Zero which was in no way attempting to be serious, but in THD it was a little off putting. So much so that I was forced to knock off an half a star, well, that and the fact that I have trouble giving a five to a book that’s pure entertainment.

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