2015 Hugo Fan Writer

My notes and current ranking for the 2015 Hugo Fan Writer category.

I never read the Fan Writer stuff from last year and that was my first year with a Hugo packet. If it’s always like this they should drop the award.

  1. No Award
  2. Laura J. Mixon
    She’s a thorough investigator and writes like an engineer (which she is)
  3. Cedar Sanderson
    Apparently every Fan Writer writes is part of the Mad Genius Club. WTF is with so many of the Puppy noms in this category coming from one web site? Must be a shortage of people who think “correctly”.  So, Cedar Sanderson was the best of sad bunch. I don’t think there was a single “SJW” in there which is a very good thing AFAIC. I agree that the shirt guy shouldn’t be pilloried but I’d also say the shirt was in poor taste for a guy who was involved a scientific milestone that day.
  • Jeffro Johnson
    Likes to review old fiction and compare it to D&D. Learning about the originals of D&D mechanics is kind of interesting but overall, didn’t care much for the sample. Seems a little, um, old fashioned.
  • David Freer
    He started much like a Amanda Green and I didn’t give a shit, then he finished with that “statistical” demonstration on the corruption of the Hugo awards and that was TOTAL bullshit. I agree with his numbers in the case of colored balls placed in a bag, the items in the bag are all equal. But the Hugos aren’t about colored balls, they’re about stories and they are definitely NOT all equal. Not only are the stories themselves different but you’ve got a huge number of readers with their varied tastes.  Freer, and the Puppies in general, seem to be making the mistake of thinking that because they like their noms then everyone should like them too and if those stories aren’t getting nominated it’s because of corruption.  I think, especially after reading this years Puppy nominations, that  it’s because their stuff just isn’t in sync with mainstream tastes. That and it’s not nearly as good as they think it is.
  • Amanda S. Green
    This is just some random blog posts and the first one leads with an SJW comment. I don’t give a shit about SJWs or CHORFs (that’s the Puppies, right?) or whatever. I give a shit about scifi and fantasy books. Even when she talked about those she didn’t say anything interesting.
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