2015 Hugo Related Work

My notes and rankings for the Best Related Work category of the 2015 Hugo Awards.

  1. Why Science is Never Settled, Tedd Roberts
    4 stars / OMG! The Puppies actually found something I enjoyed!  I bet the only reason that they like this is because they think can use it to bash climate change.
  2. The Hot Equations: Thermodynamics and Military SF, Ken Burnside
    3 stars / Wow! Much numbers! So maths!  (insert doge pic of your choice)  Decent stuff if you want to make realistic space battles in SF. Personally, I’ll bet that would be pretty boring.  If I want realism in a story I’ll stick to something like The Martian or I’ll go read some non-fiction.
  3. No Award
  4. Letters from Gardner, Lou Antonelli
    DNF / Wasn’t bad but I wasn’t interested and I’ve got other things to read. I stopped about half way through the preview before the story S.P.P.A.M. and I’m wavering on reading on and possibly moving it above No Award.
  5. Transhuman and Subhuman: Essays on Science Fiction and Awful Truth, John C. Wright
    Haven’t read aside from the one “how to write fiction” piece.  I thought that had passable advice though I also thought it was very confusingly given.  He should probably direct folks who want fiction advice to someone else.
  6. Wisdom from My Internet, Michael Z. Williamson
    Why is this up for an award? It’s a collection of mildly humorous blog excerpts and if this is the “best” related work of the year then it might be time to drop that award category. Did it have anything to do with SF/F?


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