2015 Hugo Short Story

My notes and rankings for the 2015 Hugo Short Story category.

  1. No Award
  2. Turncoat, Steve Rzasa
    Best of the worst. Apparently AI in the future are prone to change sides at the drop of a hat. That ought to make things interesting in a Chinese curse sort of way.

I’ve read all of the following and none of them deserve to be ranked though Totaled is right on the edge.

  • Totaled, Kary English
    A decent story but the language felt off, kind of like YA, and while it went for the emotional ending I didn’t even come close to caring.
  • A Single Samurai, Steven Diamond
    Started okay but I wondered how a single person was going to defeat kaiju, especially a super-sized one as described here. What the author came up with didn’t appeal to me but it might just be that I’m grouchy from all the really crappy crap the Puppies are making me read.
  • On A Spiritual Plain, Lou Antonelli
    I sure this supposed to be spiritual and shit but it just came off as silly. Thankfully it was short.
  • The Parliament of Beasts and Birds, John C. Wright
    I really hope this isn’t the best that JCW has to offer because this wasn’t good. A biblical fairy tale about what the animals do after “Man” is apparently taken to heaven. The best thing about it was that it was fairly short, and even then it wasn’t short enough.
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