Eight Million Gods by Wen Spencer

Read: 2015-09-08 to 2015-09-17

3 stars

2015-09-08/5%: Not too impressed so far but I’ve enjoyed some of Spencer’s other books so we’ll see.

2015-09-11/15%: Okay, so Nikki¬†broke into the crime scene, totally stupid, but she did this after the book said the police were going to take her to the crime scene. And I think the cops were going to take her for the same reason she’s there, to see if there were other details that matched her book. It’s taking a while to get to moving and it’s not really pulling me in.

2015-09-13/53%: It picked up at about 18% but it’s still a middlin’ pace at best. Good enough so far but I wish it would move along.

2015-09-17/92%: OMG this is long. I can’t believe I’m still not done with it. This is one downside to ebooks, not having an obvious indicator of how long they are before you start reading. Moon+ does give an estimate of how long it will take to read, I think this one said 8 hours (I’m at 5.9 with 38 minutes left) but it just doesn’t work the same as seeing the thickness of a book and then opening it to see the font size and spacing. Of course none of that matters if the book grabs me because I’ll clear the decks and read straight it through. It’s harder with one like this that’s good enough to keep going but not so good that I want to set aside everything else and just read.

2015-09-17/100%: It turned out the book ended at about 94% and the rest was appendix or some such. A good read, though I think it could have been shorter. There were times when I skimmed a page or two and didn’t feel I missed anything. The Mom had very little to do with the story. She was just background for why Nikki was secretive. She justified some emotional turmoil but I think I she could have been whacked without much impact.


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