The Wisdom of Night Vale

  • It was a simpler time. Because I personally had less memories and so less to superimpose upon the world, and so it was much clearer, and also I was younger. Thus, the world was simpler.
  • Fear is a reasonable response to life.
  • …what are people but deaths that haven’t happened yet?
  • He’ll be what he’ll be. And we’ll all learn to be okay with whatever that is.
  • “I mean I would never do that. I just think it. Does this make me a bad person?”
    “You are only a bad person if you do bad things,” said the second anchor.
    “Thank you.”
    “That’s not an acquittal, Diane. The counterpoint is that you are only a good person if you do good things.”
  • A good person is a person who does good things. It was a deceptively simple prescription because it implied that she or anyone else knew what good things are. What could she do in this situation that was good, and by what standard?
  • Jackie sighed but let her talk. She knew that messages were for the sender, not the receiver.
  • Of the stages of grief, Diane had already gone through denial, sadness, and despair. Now she had been on the verge of the final step, vengeance.
  • These possibilities and all other possibilities remain . . . possible.
  • Please know that our station exists because of donors like you. It also exists because a long and terribly improbable series of galactic events over the course of billions of years conspired to bring us to this very moment in our station’s existence. And we thank you for your support. Again, we apologize for the delay in receiving your items, and also for the absurdity of time.
  • You have helped many people with your many skills, but also you’re an irresponsible little shit. Both of those are true. Truth can be contradictory. You are not forgiven your lapses by your nonlapses.
  • I’ll always be a mother, she thought, but I’ll always be a lot of things. I wonder what the next of those things will be?
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